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You can help raise awareness

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For rescues, veterinary practices, pet stores, daycares, and other dog--loving businesses

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Do you think about seatbelts every time you see a dog riding loose in the car now?

Join the club!  Now that you're aware of certified dog seatbelts, you notice loose dogs in cars all the time.  Especially when they come into your pet store, daycare, or office.

Maybe you transport rescue dogs, or clients' dogs, and want to make a change in how the dogs travel, within your organization.

It feels overwhelming when you've got your own business to run, but you want to be a part of the change. How do you get started, you ask?

By booking a webinar for your business or organization!  You set the date, tell your people, and I'll take care of everything else.

What of your clients' dogs died in a car crash?

"What a tragedy."

Those words remain with me to this day.  That's what I heard, when I called to cancel Piper's swim sessions, the day after the crash.

We were frequent clients, attending at least once a week.

What if, you could decrease the likelihood of ever having to say those words to one of your clients?

Help educate your clients on dog seatbelt safety, so the dogs are always traveling safely to and from your place.

Lead by example

It's just a matter of time before dog seatbelts become the norm.

It's already the law in 8 states!

But, is it enough to use just any dog seatbelt product, whether it's a tether, carrier, harness, or crate?

If you want the dog to be safe, then it's got to be certified.

Join me in leading the way, and creating change in the pet industry.  Dog moms and dads need to know about the difference between any dog seatbelt product, and certified ones.

Buckle up your dog in a certified seatbelt, encourage your clients to do the same, and book a webinar to get the info out there.  

Stand out. Be a force of good. Lead the change.

What're in a car crash with a client's dog?

If you transport dogs, and they're not riding in a certified seatbelt, what happens when you slam on the brakes, or someone rams into you?

Whether the dog is injured or killed, the phone call you make is going to be tough.



The risk isn't worth it.

Create change today.  

Encourage your clients to bring their dogs to you with a certified seatbelt.


There'll be peace of mind all around. 

Become a Partner of Dogs Ride Certified

Your support is important.  Needed.  Monumental.

Dogs Ride Certified is about so much more than selling certified seatbelts.  It's a social movement to change the way dogs travel in cars.  One person alone cannot change the world.  


It's the compounding effect of us together, which will educate dog parents everywhere, about buckling up their dog in a certified seatbelt.

When you book a webinar, you'll be listed on this site as a partner of Dogs Ride Certified.  Your logo and website will be linked here, you'll receive shoutout on social media and in an email update to this community.

Dog people are the some of the kindest, most compassionate, and helpful people in the world.  It's probably because dogs bring out the best in us.  I believe in collaboration, and working with good, honest people who want to make a difference.

Will you join forces with me?  We've got life-saving work to do!

How it works

You can save lives.

These dogs were lucky.  

Will the next doggie success story be because their mom or dad heard about

certified seatbelts through your business or organization?

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Vito usually rides with Dad everyday, unrestrained.  By a miracle, he wasn't there, on the day Dad was in a major crash.  Mom learned about certified seatbelts through Center for Pet Safety, and reached out to me to get one.  She knew the world had given her family a second chance. Vito now rides certified, buckled up in the car.

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Romi used to ride in the front seat of the car, unrestrained.  Just 3 months after getting his certified seatbelt, Romi and Mom were in a car accident.  Romi was buckled up in the back seat, and was perfectly fine.  Could you imagine how different this outcome could have been, if his mom hadn't heard about certified dog seatbelts?


Ace used to ride in a non-certified carrier.  One day, Dad slammed on the brakes.  Ace went flying out of the carrier.  Ace's dad heard about certified seatbelts through Your Dog's Friend and now has peace of mind that Ace can be safe in the car in case he ever has to slam on the brakes again.  


How long is the webinar?

About an hour.  There'll be time for questions too and make sure everything is answered before we wrap up.


When are the webinars held?  


It's flexible!  You decide on a time that is best for your audience.  Generally, between 11AM - 1PM, or 5PM - 8PM on weekdays and 11AM - 3PM on weekends.

How far in advance do I need to book this?

At least 4 - 6 weeks would be great.

Who does the marketing for this?


We both do.  I'll send you the materials - the flyer and sign up link.  You send it out to your group.

Is there a cost to book a webinar?


Nope!  Just the desire to change the way dogs travel in cars.

Can anyone become a partner?

Yes!  The mission of Dogs Ride Certified is to get dogs buckled up in a certified seatbelt, so they can be safe in case of a car crash.  If you are all for it, and promise never to promote a seatbelt that is NOT on the certified list, we have a partnership for life.

If you advocate, promote or endorse any brands that are not certified by Center for Pet Safety, the partnership agreement will automatically be cancelled.

My company isn't dog-related.  Can I still participate?

Absolutely!  Dog parents exist everywhere, not just in dog-related businesses.  I'm all for it!

Get in the driver's seat and make a change.

The wheel is in your hands.  

You may have heard stories of dogs in car crashes before.  You might hear of it in the future.

The fact is, not enough people are aware of the topic, and if they are, many don't know about the certified products.

The word on this has GOT to get out in order to prevent future tragedy.  You can help.

I'm ready to save some lives. Are you?


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Thank you for supporting dog seatbelt safety!  

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