Now Riding Certified in...


River and I on a road trip to spread awareness for dog seatbelt safety!

May 2021


Being on the road is one of my favorite places. I find such freedom and serenity in the moment. There's something about the way time passes, knowing how far you can travel, how much you can do in just a day. That's why River and I emptied out our apartment, packed our essentials into the tiny car, and headed for the state where Piper and I had the best time of our lives: North Carolina!

We started in Wilmington but pushed pause for a family emergency. Now, things are swinging back in gear. Asheville, here we come! For the next 6 weeks, we'll be connecting with vets, pet stores, doggie daycares, dog walkers, and dog people in general. Sharing Piper's story and getting dogs buckled up.

Up next, Raleigh, Charlotte, and back to Wilmington to continue what we started.

And after that...wherever the wind blows! (Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California are calling...)

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Until then - keep Riding Certified!

-P. Suanpan, the Dog Seatbelt Lady