Sleepypod Mini

For pups under 7 pounds.  Perfect for dogs who like to curl up.  It has a structual integrity that holds steady in an accident.  The removable mesh dome can be taken off when not in transport to double as a pet bed in the house (which is a great way to train your dog to LOVE his "seatbelt!"). The car shoulder seatbelt secures the Sleepypod Mini carrier into the car.  Center for Pet Safety's crash test video of the Sleepypod Mini carrier is available here.


Doubles as an everyday pet bed, airline approved.  Seatbelt straps allow Sleepypod Mini to be safely secured in a car's seat, with durable mesh dome.


Removable, machine washable bedding.  Exterior is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon.  Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding, and padded carry handle.

Sleepypod Mini


Dogs Ride Certified gets dogs buckled up in Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelts so they can be safe in case of a car crash.

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