Little Dogs Deserve to Ride Certified Too

Updated: Feb 20

Dogs are dogs, but there’s a big difference between little dog life and big dog life. Little dogs are carry-able. They’re allowed in more places because of the weight limits. They’re cute and cuddly. And your little one can ride in your lap.

If your little guy is buckled up, booster seats are pretty popular, as well as tethers. Maybe a carrier. If you’ve got a Sleepypod or Away Pet Carrier, fantastic. Those are certified. But if not, your little one isn’t safe.

A crash happens faster than you can blink your eyes. Between the speed and forces, you can’t hold your pup safe no matter how hard you try. It’s physically impossible. So what happens? Your dog is propelled forward, out of your arms, and into...wherever the forces go.

If your dog is in a booster seat, your dog is tethered. Or maybe your dog is just on the regular seat secured with a tether.

If the tether doesn’t break, your dog is at risk for serious spinal damage and paralysis because of the way it’s positioned on your dog’s back. Your dog would be propelled forward, and pulled back by the spine where the harness and tether meet. All the pressure in that spot is super dangerous. And if the tether does break? Well that's dangerous too of course. Imagine the long term consequences that come with such injuries. Is it worth it?

Now maybe your dog rides in a carrier, and it seems like it’ll do the job. You haven’t had a reason to think it won’t. But, meet Ace. Ace’s dad had him traveling in a non-certified carrier, and thought he was keeping Ace safe in the car. One day he came to a sudden stop, and Ace was thrown out of the carrier! Can you imagine what would have happened in a crash? Not all dog car safety restraints are made equal.

(P.S. Ace now rides in a certified seatbelt.)

The thing is, little dogs deserve to ride certified, even if the method of doing so isn't what you prefer.

One of the big things that might stop you from securing your little one in a certified product is the idea of putting your dog in a carrier so he can't look out the window, or in a car seat so he can’t lay down. But feeling bad about this, will feel like nothing compared to the guilt of not keeping your dog safe if you’re ever in a crash.

If you have an anxious dog, and worry that he will hate being buckled up instead of comforted in your lap, there are steps to take to alleviate that anxiety. And if you enjoy traveling with your dog and taking your pup to all sorts of fun places with you, then addressing the anxiety could open up a world of freedom for you both.

That’s why Dogs Ride Certified is here to help you. To teach you how to teach your dog to LOVE the carrier or car seat, and ride peacefully in the car.

Your dog is your very best friend. Your family. Of course you want your dog to be safe.

But if the thing that's stopping you is that you’re not sure how to teach your dog to enjoy spending time in the car safety restraint, or are convinced your dog will hate it, please reach out. Don’t let that one simple thing be what keeps your little one from riding certified.

All dogs deserve to be happy, safe and loved. That's the foundation behind Dogs Ride Certified. Here, you get support to make sure that when you buckle up your pup in a certified seatbelt, you'll know how to ensure that your dog will feel happy, safe and loved throughout the process.

For information on certified seatbelt options and car behavior support with your little dog, email or call 301-337-1039.

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