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Piper's Walk-a-Thon!

Saturday June 26, 2021
500,000 steps forward for dog seatbelt safety!

A walk to protect the 4-legged fur-kids we love

Is your dog safe in the car?

If you've got a Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelt, then yes. But if not, the answer is no, regardless if you're using a different kind of car safety restraint.

Dogs are family. Do you buckle up in the car? Do you buckle up your child? Why not your dog?

Because that's not something we think about.  

I certainly didn't think about it when I had my first dog, Piper. She and I were always in the car together, on a new adventure. She hung out in the back seat, roaming from window to window and sometimes settling on the middle console. I never buckled her up, or even thought to. 


On June 20, 2017, a teenager lost control of his car and slammed right into us.  Piper was thrown into the back of my seat, broke her back and was paralyzed. She lay in the footwell of the car crying, while I was pinned in behind my seatbelt in the driver's seat. I learned really quickly that day that a seatbelt saved my life, but my dog - my very best friend in the whole world didn't have anything to protect her at all. I said goodbye to Piper that night.

I started researching seatbelts for dogs and learned about the Center for Pet Safety's crash testing of dog car safety restraints. Only 4 brands at the time, now 5, have passed the test!  That means that all those other products out there might not work to protect a dog in a crash. Definitely not okay, right?

I wanted to get the information out to you, dog parents, so you wouldn't ever have to go through what I did losing Piper. So your dog can be protected and be safe in the car. So dogs wouldn't be lost, injured or killed in car crashes anymore.

Enter, Piper's Walk, a dog festival to raise awareness for dog seatbelt safety! This year, it's a Walk-a-Thon!

500,000 steps forward

The world is still in the early stages dog seatbelt safety. After all, only 5 brands of dog seatbelts are certified, and products that don't work are still be sold on the market. In fact, new products pop up all the time. 

How do we get dogs buckled up in the safest gear? One step at a time.

Let's walk, one step at time, to:

  • Spread awareness about dog seatbelt safety to other dog moms and dads who don't buckle up their dog in the car.

  • Spread awareness about dog seatbelt safety to other dog moms and dads who do buckle up their dog in the car, but don't know the risk they're taking by not using a certified seatbelt.

  • Show support for the Center for Pet Safety certified brands - "Thanks for keeping my dog safe in the car!"

  • Take a stand and only demand certified - "Hey non-certified dog companies? You need to step it up. I want and will only use Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelts for my dog because he/she deserves to be safe in the car."

We're putting our best foot (and paw) forward, to collectively walk 500,000 steps! That's 500,000 steps forward in the advancement of dog seatbelt safety!

Can you find a person or company to pledge a penny for every step you take?

Funds raised will go towards education for pet parents, which could look like (but isn't limited to): 

  • Pop up seatbelt clinics where people can try out the different products, see how it works and learn to train their dog to ride in it.

  • Educational materials: brochures, access to the Riding Certified magazine, webinars

  • Presentations at pet-friendly locations: hotels, parks, pet stores, etc.

Your steps can make a difference. Can get dogs traveling safely in the car.  You can save lives!

What do you say - wanna go for a walk?

How it works

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Sign Up

Sign up for the walk! Get your event t-shirt. Designed for maximum swag while showing support for dog seatbelt safety. 

Sign up by May 21, 2021 to ensure your shirt arrives on time!

Image by Michael Longmire

Get Pledges

Get pledges for a penny a step!  Every cent raised goes towards education for dog moms and dads just like you.  


People who love their dog and would do anything to keep their fur-kid safe.

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Walk and Save Lives

Take your dog for a walk at a nearby park! Chat with new people, enjoy a day out with your dog. Spread awareness for dog seatbelt safety! 


Buckle up, encourage others, prevent tragedy. Help create change, one step at a time.

Paw-ty & Prizes too, of course.

We'll have a virtual Yappy Hour between 4-7pm on the event day.


Pop in while you can, or stay the whole time! BYOB, or collectively share cocktail recipes and make them together. Doggie drinks included! Cook some dog-friendly appetizers together. Share your walk stories, gab about your dog's cute antics (because who doesn't like to talk about their dog??). Expect games and prizes too!

Our total step count will be announced (take a screenshot of your steps from the health app on your phone, send to Dogs Ride Certified).  The top 3 walkers will receive an award!

The top 3 fundraisers are also getting awards.  Get pledges for a penny a step - share this link with your friends, family and co-workers!

There'll be other games, contests and prizes too - come celebrate dog seatbelt safety with the Riding Certified community!  It's gonna be a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be an in-person festival this year?

Unfortunately no. However, you do have the option to walk in-person, now that the world is starting to return to normal! There's 2 walks - one at 9AM, meeting at Fair Hill Shopping Center in Olney, MD, or at 1PM, meeting at Centennial Park in Elkridge, MD.


*Please note, we can't have more than 20 people walking together at Centennial Park. If space is full, I'll open up an additional time to walk!

  • Do I have to bring my dog?

No, you don't even need to have a dog! You just need to support the mission to get dogs buckled up in certified seatbelts so they can be safe in case of a car crash.

  • What if I don't have a certified seatbelt?


You can still walk on the day of the event...but please don't have your dog wear, promote, or encourage use of any other kind of car safety restraint other than the Sleepypod harnesses and carriers, Gunner Kennel, Lucky Kennel, ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack, or Away Pet Carrier. If it isn't certified by Center for Pet Safety, it hasn't passed crash testing and Piper's Walk doesn't support it.  But, what are you waiting for? Grab your certified seatbelt here.

  • How do I sign up?


Click on the red button anywhere on this page or at the link here. You'll be taken to a page to order your shirt, and receive an email to complete your registration.

  • I live in ________. Can I still participate?

Thanks for your support! Of course, you can join from anywhere! You'll receive your shirt in the mail and we'll connect virtually for the event.

  • Will I get the T-shirt before the event?

If you sign up before May 21, 2021, then yes. If you sign up afterwards, you'll get a shirt, but it might not arrive until after the event.


  • What if I don't have any pledges?

That's okay. Your support and participation is still appreciated!​

  • Where can I walk?

You can walk anywhere you'd like! The mission is to spread awareness for dog seatbelt safety, and you can do that from anywhere!

Sponsor Piper's Walk-a-Thon


Do you support dog seatbelt safety? Believe that dogs should be buckled up in the car? Are passionate that dogs deserve nothing less than the safety of a Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelt? Want to help spread awareness and get education out there to dog parents long after the walk is over?


You can help! Piper's Walk is looking for someone to sponsor our goal of 500,000 steps!

Will you pledge a penny a step?

Email for more info!

Let's do it!

Grab your family, tell your friends, post it on social media, and sign up for Piper's Walk today!

Take your dog for a special day out while supporting an important mission. Dogs are family. They deserve and need to be buckled up in the right gear. 


Come walk for dog seatbelt safety!