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Save the date!


A walk for dog seatbelt safety

Save the date! Piper's Walk is more than just a dog festival.


It's the beginning of a small but mighty movement to get you thinking about traveling differently with your dog.

Traveling safely, in a Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelt.

PLUS, this year, we're adding on a virtual dog safety conference!  Details to come. 



Start the morning with Piper's Walk

Whether you have a small or big dog, puppy or senior, there's something for your furbaby to do at Piper's Walk!  Details to come.

Grab some lunch.

We're planning on some delicious food trucks...

11:30AM - 1:00PM

1:00PM - 4:00PM

Then learn with the experts in the afternoon

Speaker line up coming soon...and it's gonna be GOOD.  Maybe even a hands on worksop thrown in there.  Laughs and fun too, because just because it's a serious topic, doesn't mean we can't have a good time learning about it.

It's a party to save your dog's life.

Your best friend.  Your furbaby.  The one you can't live without.

The happy drool face that greets you at the door and is always glad to see you.

The reason you sleep on an inch of the bed at night while your pup takes up the rest.

That little bundle of depending on you to keep him/her safe.

Piper's Walk is the day we celebrate dog seatbelt safety, learn about all aspects of dog safety, and spread the word.

Details are coming in April.  Click below to stay in the loop!

Dogs Ride Certified gets dogs buckled up in Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelts so they can be safe in case of a car crash.

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