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Train your dog to be a great car rider

Introducing Pawsitive Car Rides, a car training program for your anxious or fearful dog

Do you want to take your dog to new places, but the stress of getting there just too much?

You want to be a great dog parent.  You got a dog to enjoy life with.  To play with.  To love.  Most of the time, your dog is great.  But yet there’s still a problem behavior which you’re struggling to manage.  Car rides.

Maybe your dog is anxious, and the whining breaks your heart.  And cleaning up the puke after every car ride is exhausting (and gross).

Or perhaps your dog is over-excited, bouncing from the front to the back of the car.  And you are the ultimate definition of a distracted driver.

You really wish you could take your dog to the park, out for hikes, or just out for a drive. You've tried treats in the car, different travel gear,  but nothing is working.
So you leave your dog home, and his/her world consists of neighborhood walks.  You have accepted this as your norm.

But…what if your lives weren't confined to just walks?  What if you found just the right resource to turn your dog into the perfect travel buddy?

What would life look like then?


You need Pawsitive Car Rides if...

If you’re ready for 1-on-1 help to teach your dog how to ride in the car calmly, I can help. 


When you choose to take the Pawsitive Car Rides program, you don’t have to stress over trips in the car. You’ll get a roadmap outlining each step to take with your dog, so you’ll have a direct path to the behavior you want.


  • You’re tired of your dog’s behavior.


You know what's coming.  Panting, whining, crying, puke.  Barking, jumping, spinning, standing on the console.  You really want to be a good driver and concentrate on the road, but your attention is split between the cars ahead and your dog's behavior.   


  • Your dog’s behavior is interfering with your life.


You love your dog, and hate leaving him/her home.  So, you stay home, wishing you guys were out and about.  Or, you're out exploring a trail and feel guilty leaving your dog home alone, since your dog can't handle the car.  Feels like there's no good solution, no matter what you do.


  • You love your dog as much as a good road trip.


If you just enjoy being out for a drive, windows down, breeze flowing through and radio cranked up, you probably wish your dog would be able to join you.  After all, your dog is your 4-legged best friend.  You want to take your dog everywhere with you.


Guess CAN!

What You Get

  • A Roadmap to Pawsitive Car Behavior

This is the first step.  Let's take a close look at your dog's behavior in and around the car, how you're handling it, and how you'd like your dog to behave instead.  I'll put together a plan for you, and we'll go through it together in small chunks, being sure to reinforce and solidify each piece of the good behavior along the way.

  • Weekly Training Sessions

Each week, we'll jump on a video to check in, learn the next step in the plan, do some training and get real-time feedback.  If there's an area you're stuck in, we'll troubleshoot new solutions to get you moving in the right direction.

  • Weekly Group Classes

Training an anxious or fearful dog can feel lonely and hopeless sometimes.  You aren't alone, and you'll find community and support in the group classes.  Since we're virtual, just set up your tripod as we work on a specific car riding skill each week with fun and games.  At our last group class, you'll take your dog for a stress-free car ride for a special outing!

  • Unlimited Email and Texting Support

I’m here to guide you. Email, or text with questions anytime, as often as you need to.  You won't ever have to sit with a question for too long.  

Just need some feedback on if you're doing something right?  Great, I've got you.  
Want to celebrate a milestone in the training process?  Oh yeah!  Are you stuck and frustrated?  Let me coach you out of that funk.  

Whatever you need, I'm here to help.  You'll hear from me within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), if not right away.

  • Extra “Treats”

I’ll be thinking of you, so you’re going to have me checking in to make sure you’re doing okay. You'll get bonus resources from time to time, planning materials and training tools.  I also like to send surprise gifts!

Dog parents see the difference!

Rea's Mom

“P's dedication, commitment and love for pets reflect on her work. She is an excellent communicator and teacher.  I can't believe she got Rea to go into the carrier, she's so anxious."

This is Rea going into the Sleepypod carrier, a certified product, for the first time. She has work to do before she's a willing car rider, but this is a good first step!

How it works

  • 3.

    Schedule your first coaching session.

  • 4.

    Practice the skills throughout the week.

  • 5.

    Check in weekly for next steps until your dog is consistently demonstrating good car riding skills!

Committed to helping you.

I LOVE a good drive.  Piper and I went everywhere possible together, and were always out and about.

We took road trips, explored new cities, and just drove around. 

When I got my current dog River, she was an anxious mess and did NOT love the car, which was concerning to me. I wanted the freedom to take her out with me, and for her to enjoy being in new places.

Luckily, with training and time, she adapted! We now live a spontaneous life like Piper and I did.

So, if training your dog to ride in the car is important to you, I get it. 

I want you to experience the freedom that comes with having a 4-legged t
ravel buddy, and will make sure you get there!

Meet your coach, P.Suanpan

You’ll be working with me, Paweenudh Suanpan

(you can just call me P).  


I'm the Dog Seatbelt Lady!  


I don't just buckle dogs up, but am a trainer too. 


Curious about how I work?


 Just watch the video below to learn about my training philosophy, and what you can expect if you decide to work with me.

A busy dog is a good dog.

In addition to training the root cause of your dog's current car behavior, there are strategies to help as a quick fix.  


A band-aid, if you will.  Because sometimes, you HAVE to just get in the car and go.

I've got a firm belief that "a busy dog is a good dog."  Give your dog something to do in the car, which will distract and prevent the behavior from starting up...if the activity is good enough.

In this program, I'll customize some 

different strategies 

for you and your pup, so you can have them for those non-negotiable moments.


P.S. You're going to need a certified seatbelt.

I'll help you train your dog to ride in the car, but you've got to use a certified seatbelt.

After all, this is Dogs Ride Certified!

You want your dog to be safe in the car, but you also want your dog to have freedom.  I hear you.


I never buckled up Piper because I wanted her to be free.  My vision of a happy dog in the car was her sticking her head out the window with her ears flapping in the wind.  But, after experiencing what's it's like to lose your 4-legged best friend in a car crash, my whole perspective shifted.


River has a different kind of freedom in the car.  She is content, able to move around in a certain area, but is safe.

I want your dog to be safe too.  Contact me if you need help figuring out the best seatbelt for your dog.  Otherwise, you can grab it here.

Your investment

All of the individual pieces of Pawsitive Car Rides is worth well over $2000 over the span of 10 weeks.  If you’ve ever worked with a dog trainer, you know it can easily cost over $100/hour.


I don’t want you to break the bank, or not get the help you need because cost is an issue.  I’ve been there countless times.


That’s why the fee for Pawsitive Car Rides is only $599 for 10 weeks, or $229 per month for 3 months (remember, you get 10 one hour training sessions, 10 group classes, bonus resources, plus unlimited phone and email access).


3 months, because changing your dog's behavior takes time.

I don’t want you to learn the tools but not have success because you didn’t follow through.  Human nature is consistently inconsistent.  I’ll be that coach to help make sure you make it to the finish line.


There’s a lot of work involved in changing a dog’s behavior, but also a ton of fun in it.  You’ll bond with your dog over the training and activities.  Your heart will fill with joy when you see the change in your dog.  You won’t have to worry about your dog’s behavior anymore.


When you choose to join Pawsitive Car Rides, you’re making an investment into your relationship with your dog and your life together.  You’ll get a happier dog, and a happier you.

I’m already all in.  Are you?


This is a 10-week commitment.  I’m fully here for you during this time.  I guarantee that if you do the work, you’ll see progress. 

Depending on the severity of your dog’s behavior, it may take longer than 10 weeks to make a complete change (you can't rush your dog, trust me, I've tried....), but if you do the work, you should absolutely see growth.


If within the first 30 days you realize this isn’t for you, no worries.  I’ll cancel the agreement form and you’ll receive a full refund.

Next Steps

Because of the individualized attention, I only work with a few clients at a time and the program is only open 2x/year.


If you’d like to step forward into your new calm, problem-free life on the road with your dog, here’s what the next steps look like:

I'm interested but have questions.

I get it.  I'd want to meet me first before diving in!  You can schedule a virtual meet & greet so we can get to know each other.

You'll have the opportunity to ask me anything, and decide from there.

I'm ready to go!

1. Click here to sign up.

Enrollment closes on Feb. 28, 2021 and group classes will run on Sundays, March 14 - May 30, 2021.  Time TBA depending on group availability.

2. Fill out the Coaching Agreement Form and Behavior Intake Form (emailed to you).

3. Schedule the first planning session, and we'll go from there!

Dogs Ride Certified gets dogs buckled up in Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelts so they can be safe in case of a car crash.

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