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Only 5 brands to date have passed crash testing by Center for Pet Safety

Sleepypod - all harnesses and carriers

ZuGoPet - Rocketeer Pack only

Gunner Kennels - Small, Medium, Intermediate only

Lucky Kennel - Intermediate

Away Pet Carrier 

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Only certified brands here.

Brands with integrity, creating safe products for your dog.  That's what we believe in.  You can bet that any car safety restraint you find on this site is Center for Pet Safety certified.  That's a promise.

You'll find the Sleepypod brand here.

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If you are interested in a kennel, or have a sighthound, you'll need to check out Gunner Kennels or Lucky Kennel.  


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Appropriate size, style and fit are essential for proper protection in the car.

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Types of Car Safety Restraints for Dogs

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