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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about dog seatbelt safety

Dog Seatbelt Safety

This product (insert brand here) says crash tested.  Is it certified?

Unfortunately, "crash tested" doesn't mean that it passed Center for Pet Safety's crash testing.  Only products which have the Center for Pet Safety logo on it are certified by Center for Pet Safety, which are the only products that you'll find here at Dogs Ride Certified.

What's the difference between the Sleepypod Sport and Sleepypod Terrain?

The Sleepypod Sport is your lightweight, everyday harness.


The Sleepypod Terrain has removable reflective patches which you can interchange to say "therapy dog," "service dog," "dog in training," or anything you want it to say (you supply the alternate patch).  It's rugged and a bit heavier than the Sport.  You can also use it with the Terrain Pack, which is a dog backpack.  

If you want, get both, and use it in different scenarios.  If you plan on walking your dog in the Sleepypod harness, the Terrain is the way to go if you have a dog who is a puller.

Both are certified by Center for Pet Safety, so it's really a matter of preference, not safety.

I'm not sure my dog will go into the carrier.


Slow and steady.  It's like crate training.  You've got to make the carrier a really awesome place to be, and have patience to all your dog to warm up to the idea at his/her own pace.  For help with training your dog to love the carrier, contact P.Suanpan for support.

I want my dog to be able to see out the window.  I don't want to use the carrier or the ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack. Is there a harness available for my small dog?

Unfortunately, no.  For dogs with a girth less than 16.5 inches, the only certified products available are the Sleepypod Carriers or ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack.  If a harness for small dogs is of interest to you, please fill out this short questionnaire and I'll keep you posted if/when something becomes available.  

What about booster seats?

Booster seats are not certified products.  It requires a tether attachment (something that connects from the dog to the seatbelt), which can actually increase the risk for spinal injuries.  Read the extension tether advisory and watch the crash test here.

Can I use an extension tether with the Sleepypod harness?

Tempting huh?  But no, if you use a tether with the Sleepypod harness, you will negate any protection that your dog should have from the Sleepypod harness.  Use of tethers are discouraged!

What's the best product for my giant breed dog?


If your dog fits an XL Sleepypod harness, go with that for now (everything is only certified to 90lbs).  If a product specifically made for giant breed dogs is of interest to you, please fill out this short questionnaire and I'll keep you posted if/when something becomes available.


The Sleepypod harness says it can't be used with sighthounds.  What are my other options?


Right now, Gunner Kennel or Lucky Kennel will be your best best.  I understand this can be difficult if you have a small car.  If a product made for sighthounds is of interest to you, please fill out this short questionnaire and I'll keep you posted if/when something becomes available.

Is there a way to modify the certified seatbelt products for modified vans or individuals with physical disabilities?

Currently, no, but I believe in inclusivity!  If modifications for disabilities is of interest to you, please fill out this short questionnaire and I'll keep you posted if/when something becomes available.


*Note: I understand that dog seatbelt safety isn't perfect right now.  We are in the beginning stages of change. That's why it's SO important to receive your feedback on what you and your dogs need, so I can work towards creating, researching, and finding products that will meet your needs.  Thank you in advance for your engagement, and joining this movement for dog seatbelt safety!


Dogs Ride Certified/Piper's Walk

Is Dogs Ride Certified and Piper's Walk the same company?

Yes.  Dogs Ride Certified was formerly Piper's Walk. The mission for dog seatbelt safety started as a dog event in Piper's memory to save other dogs and their families from going through what Piper and I did.  Over the years, Piper's Walk grew into more than just a dog event.  I started holding dog seatbelt clinics and doing private consults to get dogs buckled up in certified seatbelts.  


Then, Covid-19 came along, and things turned virtual, resulting the the program delivery you see now.  It's a blessing in disguise, because now I can help even more people and their dogs than before.  In August 2020, Piper's Walk was renamed Dogs Ride Certified, and Piper's Walk went back to being the name of the annual dog event. 

Are you a non-profit organization?

No, Dogs Ride Certified is a small business dedicated to the safety and well being of all dogs.  I believe in running an honest company where lives are changed for the better.  I believe in doing good work which people can trust and rely on to bring them only the highest quality information and products.  I firmly believe that dog parents are the catalyst for change in the pet industry, and with your help, we can truly change the way dogs travel in cars.

Are you affiliated with Center for Pet Safety?

No, Dogs Ride Certified is independent from Center for Pet Safety, although Piper's Walk has sponsored crash testing with them in the past.  We maintain an open communication, since I only advocate for products certified by Center for Pet Safety.

Dogs Ride Certified gets dogs buckled up in Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelts so they can be safe in case of a car crash.

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