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Enjoy life with your dog!

Introducing Doggie Recreation & Resources, the online enrichment center by Dogs Ride Certified

What are you and your dog doing for fun today?

"Life is short.  Play with your dog."

Have you ever heard that quote?  Dogs are so spontaneous, joyful, and are a constant reminder of how to live life to the fullest.

Outside of neighborhood walks and backyard play time (if you have a yard!), what do you and your dog do for fun?  

Have you played with your dog yet today?

The weather is unpredictable. Going out for long periods of time isn't feasible in the extreme heat, cold, or thunderstorms.  If your dog is recovering from a physical injury...and was told to "rest..." you probably have a dog that is crazy bored!

Hanging out with your dog is a blast.  But if you're in need of new ideas besides fetch and playing with toys, you're in the right place.


Dogs need enrichment.

Dogs need both physical and mental exercise.  

When the perfect balance is achieved, you've got a seriously tired pup!


Brain games are a lifesaver on a day when a long walk just isn't in the cards. 

You might have heard of food puzzles and Kongs, but Doggie Recreation & Resources, takes it WAY beyond...and it's a total blast!

"A busy dog is a good dog!"

Give a dog something to do, and watch all your troubles melt away.  Really!

Bored dogs make their own fun.  They find stinky, dirty mischief to get into.  


Keep your dog busy, and behaviors disappear like magic.  Wanna know how?

You'll find it all right here in this membership program, made just for you and your dog.

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Deepen the bond.

 How do you describe the love between you and your 4-legged best friend?

It a feeling only a dog lover can truly understand.  You're inseparable, and have an everlasting bond.

Are you already there?  Let's deepen that connection.

Are you and your dog just starting out, or have been together a while and haven't clicked?  Doggie Recreation & Resources will get you there, guaranteed!

Check out the details below:

The ONLINE Doggie Enrichment Center

The new, inclusive way of fun!  

Working around schedules is tough.  Your schedule, the kids' activities, your partner's work projects. Who's taking the dog to class, and why is traffic always particularly bad on class nights?

Maybe you made time for puppy class because your dog needed the socialization, but now that your dog is grown up, there's other life things that are more urgent. Maybe you're just stuck because of Covid.  Or, maybe your dog is anxious, reactive or gets carsick, and going to a class around other dogs would be a disaster.  

Either way, the 
Online Doggie Enrichment Center melts all that away.

Instead, you can access fun doggie recreational classes anytime that fits into your schedule, from the comfort of your own home!  No traffic to navigate, no getting dressed, no packing the doggie bag.

The content is here for you, whenever you are ready, and you can show up in PJs if you want to.

In this membership program, you'll get one new course each month in the form of a pre-recorded video series.


You'll get 1 video lesson and a live Q&A session each week.  


You'll have the choice to access the content via the membership site or on Facebook. You'll be invited to a private Facebook group, where you can view content and post your questions in the group at anytime. I'll be in the group everyday to answer them.

Plus, you'll have a space to connect with other dog parents, swap stories and share pics of your 4-legged best friend!


The Q&A will happen via Zoom.

Here's the Winter 2020-2021 Class Schedule:

December 2020: Doggie Holiday Cheer

January 2021: Doggie Aerobics

February 2021: Doggie Public Speaking

And peek at Spring 2021:

March 2021: Doggie Dance Team

April 2021: Doggie Spring Cleaning

May 2021: Doggie Game Night

You're not going to want to miss out.  It's going to be SO much fun!

Resources and Support at your Fingertips

Have a question about potty training?  Curious how to get your dog to roll over?

Need help getting your dog to stop barking?

Find the answers you need right here.  


You'll have exclusive access to deeply discounted dog training programs, and Tiny Training Tips, my YouTube channel with weekly dog parenting tips.  It covers everything from crate training to leash walking to dealing with anxious, reactive or overexcited dogs.  There'll be a new video every week.


You can also request a topic, anytime!  Check out some sample videos below.

Doggie Indoor Recess is INCLUDED!

As a member of Doggie Recreation & Resources, you'll get FREE access to Doggie Indoor Recess, the ultimate dog enrichment course.  


It's a 4 week program with 20+ enrichment activities, and tons of bonuses.


It's only offered twice a year (January and July)!  


When Doggie Indoor Recess is running, you still get access to the regular enrichment class going on in Doggie Recreation & Resources.  So, you get even more things to do with your pup!

Your Investment

All of the pieces of Doggie Recreation & Resources over the span of 1 month is worth well over $300.  

If you've ever taken a dog training or sports class, you know that it can cost you around $120 - 

(I'm talking about positive, rewards based training with highly respected trainers), and working with a trainer is about $100/hour.  

I don't want you to break the bank over this. I created this to be a place where dog parents can gather to find fun things to do with their dog, get help when needed, and connect with other like-minded dog people.  

I want this to be super affordable, but of great value to you.

That's why Doggie Recreation & Resources is only $24/month or $240/year!  

$24, to have a steady flow of information coming in to help you strengthen the relationship with your dog,

play often, and show up as the BEST dog parent you can be.

How much is that worth?  It's priceless.

How it works

  • 2.

    Check your email for welcome details! Follow the links to get set up to receive all your content.

  • 3.

    Watch the videos and try out the activities with your dog. Have FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a certain time frame to sign up or length of time to commit to?

Nope.  You can sign up anytime.  No commitment period.

How will I access the classes?  Do I get access to previous classes too?

Yes!  Everything is available on the Doggie Recreation & Resources membership site, and in the private Facebook Group. Y
ou'll find fun classes from all time in there! You can join anytime, and binge watch them all if you want to.  Or just pick and choose a few.  Plus, you'll still have a new class added every month.

How do I ask questions?

Post your questions in the Facebook Group and I'll answer it.  Don't be shy - chances are someone else has the same question too!  Or, just send an email to

Will you send an email when another video is added in the YouTube Channel?

Yep. You'll get a weekly email with all the content links.  It'll also be posted in the Facebook Group. If you subscribe to the YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell, you'll receive alerts that way as well.

What are the dog training programs you refer to?

I offer 2 programs - Pawsitive Puppy Parenting (for puppies) and Building a

Paw-tnership (for dogs with behaviors).  Both are 3 month coaching programs to give you the skills to teach your dog to be a great companion.  They are focused, in-depth programs customized for your direct need, not a general basic skills class.

When is Doggie Indoor Recess offered?

January and July.


What if I already took Doggie Indoor Recess?

You'll have the option to either take Doggie Indoor Recess or the monthly class offering. Plus, new things are always in the works!

Are there any bonuses?

You know it!  I'll frequently share resources or other tools that I run across or create for you.  Also check your physical mailbox for surprises every now and then!

What if I want to cancel?


No problem!  You'll finish out the month and will not be charged for the following month.  Just email and I'll get that taken care of.

Have a question not listed here? Email or call 301-337-1039.

Enjoy every minute with your dog!


Dogs live for the moment.  They are fully present in everything they do and know how to have a good time.

Take harness of that energy and live it up with your pup.  If you're looking for something to do together, beyond walks and fetch, then Doggie Recreation & Resources is absolutely for you.  It's a unique spin on all things enrichment with a deep commitment to providing you with all the training tools you'd ever want.

Start your unforgettable journey today! 

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