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Measuring your dog's girth

Quick tip:

Give your dog some treats while you measure especially if your pup is nervous about the measuring tape.

Position your body along side of your dog instead of reaching over his/her head to alleviate anxiety over the activity.

The ONLY harnesses to have passed Center for Pet Safety's crash testing

Check out these safe, super convenient seatbelt harnesses.

There are 2 styles, Sleepypod Clickit Sport and Sleepypod Clickit Terrain.  

You can't go wrong with either one.

For dogs approximately 18-90lbs, but it's all about girth.

Be sure to measure your dog before you make your purchase to ensure proper fit.


Other things to know

Your dog can still sit up, lay down, turn left, and turn right.

You'll need an SClip if you have a large dog because they use a lot of seatbelt.  If your dog pulls the seatbelt out all the way, it will lock up and retract.  If that happens, mobility is restricted.  An SClip will prevent that.


2 styles, both Center for Pet Safety certified


  • Basic seatbelt harness

  • Works as a top clip walking harness too

  • Reflective side straps

  • Lightweight

  • Perfect for everyday use


  • Rugged seatbelt harness

  • Works as a top clip walking harness too

  • Can add a backpack attachment

  • Great for hiking and outdoors

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Take the guesswork out of finding the right seatbelt for your dog.  

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Dogs Ride Certified gets dogs buckled up in Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelts so they can be safe in case of a car crash.

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