Sleepypod Carriers

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The ONLY carriers to have passed Center for Pet Safety's crash testing

Safe, structurally sound, secure and crazy soft bedding with convenient travel capabilities.

There are 4 styles, Sleepypod Mini, Sleepypod Atom, Sleepypod Mobile and Sleepypod Air.

It's all about size, body type and sleeping style.

  • Mini

    For dogs up to 7 lbs.  Smaller version of the Mobile. Circular dome shape.  Nice for dogs who like to curl up.

  • Mobile

    For dogs up to 15 lbs. Larger version of the Mini. Circular dome shape.  Great for dogs who like to curl up.

  • Atom

    For dogs up to 12 lbs. Rectangular shape.  Better for taller dogs.  

  • Air

    For dogs up to 18lbs. Trapezoid shape.  Roomy, largest carrier and perfect for people who fly with their dogs.

There's something for every size dog

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