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You buckle up.

Why doesn't your pup?

Crashes happen.  Is your dog safe?

When you get in the car, you buckle up.  It's second nature.  There's no thought to it. 


So, you're protected in case of a car crash, whether it's a fender bender, minor accident or serious collision.

What does your dog have to protect him?

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"I don't want you to go through what I did."

On June 20, 2017, there was a terrible car crash.

I lost my chocolate lab, Piper, that night.

Watch the video to hear about Piper's story.

A message from Piper's Mom

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Does your dog "ride certified?"

Only 5 brands of dog car safety restraints have actually passed crash testing by Center for Pet Safety.

Do you have one of these 5 certified brands?

Find out here.

Prevent dog (and human) injuries and fatalities.

Dogs are injured, lost, and killed in car crashes more than you know.

Buckling up your dog means that your dog has a higher chance of survival in case of a crash.

Buckling up your dog means the he won't run away if someone opens the door to help.

Buckling up your dog prevents him from being a projectile, possibly injuring himself or others in the car.

Buckle up your dog today.

How it works

Dog parents save lives.

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River (and Piper's) Mom

"I have peace of mind that River is safe in the car, and now I know that I'm doing everything I can to protect her in case of a crash."

Whoopie's Dad

"It takes just seconds to belt Whoopie in.  It was obvious that the Sleepypod was much more secure than just a clip attached to his regular harness."

Rea 3.jpeg

Rea's Mom

"I can't believe she went inside the carrier and stayed there.  She's usually so anxious.  It's amazing."

Be your dog's advocate.

Dogs can't buckle up themselves in the car.  


Children and humans are required by law.

Dog parents will be the catalyst for change.  Start today.

Protect your pup in the car, and enjoy life with your dog.